Start the day. Served until 1pm every day. Available all day Sunday & Bank Holidays.

Porridge | 4.75

Served with milk of your choice (dairy, almond, soya or coconut)

Choose 2 toppings from: Chia seeds, chocolate chips, fruit, matcha powder, cinnamon, raisins, strawberries or honey

Add protein 1.00

Scrambled Egg

Served with toast 5.45

Add bacon 2.00

Poached Eggs & Smashed Avocado

On Sourdough or 100% wholemeal bread 7.25

Add Bacon, home cooked ham or falafel 2.00

Poached Eggs & Home Cooked Ham

On Sourdough or 100% wholemeal bread 7.25

Egg Pot

Two poached eggs served with 2 toppings of your choice

from bacon, falafel, or smashed avocado 6.95

Extra Egg 1.50

Add sourdough toast 2.00

Sausage Roll | 3.95

Served with relish


Toasted bagel with cream cheese 3.50

Cream Cheese & Bacon 5.45

Healthy Breakfast Wrap | 6.60

Bacon, avocado, boiled egg and pesto

Buttermilk Pancakes | 5.95

Hot pancakes with crispy bacon & maple syrup

or strawberries / bananas with Nutella

Toast | 2.45

Choose from sourdough bread, 100% wholemeal, low-GI, brown or white served with butter or jam

House Specialities

Garnished with 1 house salad. Enjoy any of the below served in your choice of bap, wrap, ciabatta, bagel, sourdough, 100% wholemeal, brown or white sliced. All available toasted. Gluten free options available. Just ask!

Add a cup of soup for €2.50

Chipotle Chicken Ciabatta | 7.45

Chicken, avocado, lettuce, red onion, tomato & chipotle sauce

Chicken & Rocket Bap | 7.45

Warm breast of chicken served with rocket leaves, red onion and coleslaw served in a toasted wholemeal bap

Tuna Melt | 7.45

Tuna and mayo with emmental cheese sprinkled with sweetcorn and toasted in a wholegrain bap

Goat's Cheese Wrap (V) | 7.45

Goat’s cheese with roasted peppers with Q’s homemade balsamic reduction topped with rocket leaves toasted in a wrap

The Club Bagel | 7.45

Chicken, crispy bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion relish

Thai Sweet Chilli Wrap | 7.45

Chicken, cucumber, sliced pepper and cheddar cheese with sweet chilli dressing, toasted in a wrap

Caesar Style Wrap | 7.45

Chicken, parmesan and rocket leaves with caesar sauce in a wrap

Double Decker | 7.45

Lightly toasted white bread filled with bacon, chicken, green leaves, sliced tomatoes and mayo

Sourdough Toastie | 7.45

1.) Homecooked Ham, mozzarella, & relish on sourdough

2.) Chicken, avocado, roasted red pepper, jalapeno relish, & rocket on sourdough

Falafel Wrap (V) | 7.45

Organic falafel balls, avocado, sweetcorn, roasted red pepper with sweet chili sauce or lemon tahini dressing

House Salads

All served with your choice of 100% wholemeal or garlic bread

Q Casear Salad | 8.75

Chicken, crispy bacon, cos lettuce, pine nuts, parmesan & Caesar dressing

Chicken & Avocado Salad | 8.75

Chicken, avocado, cherry tomato, roasted red pepper, mixed leaves and basil and lime dressing

Irish Salad | 8.75

Home cooked ham, mixed leaves, coleslaw, chunky potato salad, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, & French dressing

Goat's Cheese Salad (V) | 8.75

Goat’s cheese, mixed leaves, baby tomatoes, roasted red pepper, red onion, balsamic reduction, finished with an olive oil & parsley drizzle

Falafel Salad (V) | 8.75

Vegan organic falafel balls, avocado, sweet potato, sweetcorn, roasted red pepper, mixed leaves, rocket, spinach with sweet chilli saice or lemon tahini dressing

Salad Plate

Small salad plate 6.50

Large salad plate 8.25

Extra meat or salad portion 2.00

Some Old Favourites

Homemade Soup (Gluten Free) | 5.25

Served with sourdough bread, 100% wholemeal, brown or white sliced

Good simple ingredients…nothing else!

B.L.T | 6.85

Lightly toasted bread filled with crispy bacon, mixed leaves and juicy tomatoes topped with mayonnaise

Toasted Sandwich | 6.45

Home cooked ham with cheddar cheese, tomatoes and red onions

Sandwiches - Fill Your Own

With an meat and 3 salads of your choice:

Bagel or sandwich 6.65

Ciabatta, bap or wrap 6.95

Sausage Roll & House Salad | 5.45

Toasted Bagel

Butter & jam… 2.80

Cream cheese… 3.50

Cream cheese & crispy bacon 2.00

Garlic Bread | 2.95

Pastries & Desserts

Treat yourself to a freshly baked pastry or dessert.

When creating our delicious, mouth-watering desserts, we select only the finest, most enticing ingredients to keep your taste-buds satisfied. Whether it’s the finest Belgian chocolate in our ganache, real cream cheese in our cheesecake or freshly grated carrot in our moist carrot cakes, with care and simple, fresh ingredients, indulge yourself with a slice of Cafe Q

Ask about today’s freshly made delicious desserts in-store!

Homemade Scone | 2.80

Served with cream/butter and jam

Muffin / Cupcake | 2.95

Danish | 2.90

Rocky Road / Bubble Cake | 2.95

Gingerbread Man | 2.85

Cookie | 2.65

Tiffin / Brownie | 2.95

Gluten Free Cookie | 2.65

Viennese | 2.55

Fondant | 2.55

Gluten Free Cookie | 2.75

Ask about today's freshly made delicious desserts | 4.75


Passionate about food… Love coffee

All coffees available as decaffeinated.

Choose from dairy, oat, almond, coconut or soya milks.

Americano | 2.95

The regular one

Cappuccino | 3.35

The frothy one

Latte | 3.35

The milky one

Mocha | 3.60

The chocolate one


The little one 2.50

The double shot 2.70

Macchiato | 3.00

Espresso with a dash of milk or cream

Flat White | 3.15

The smooth one

Add Coffee Syrup | 0.50

Vanilla, carmel, white chocolate, green peppermint or hazelnut


Suki Artisanal Tea – Loose Leaf Tea, Infusions & Tisanes. The favoured choice of artisanal tea lovers and winner of multiple Great Taste Awards. Served loose in the iconic Suki teapot.

Pot of Tea | 2.60

Earl Grey | 2.90

Big Leaf, Big Flavour, Big Love

Jasmine green tea | 2.90

Jasmine Blossom Classic

Red Berry | 2.90

Berry Tea = Jam In A Cup

Peppermint | 2.90

Whole Peppermint Leaves – Fresh And Tingly

Rooibos | 2.90

Aka Redbush Or Red Tea

Chamomile | 2.90

Whole Chamomile Buds

Hot Chocolate

A real treat for chocolate lovers

Hot Chocolate | 3.60

The perfect beverage: warm, creamy, milky, and filled with lots of chocolate. What is there not to love about that?

Cold Drinks

Ask about our range of seasonal drinks

Strawberry & Banana Smoothie | 4.25

Strawberry, banana, honey, apple juice, natural frozen yogurt or almond / coconut milk

Add Matcha 0.50

Pineapple & Mango Smoothie | 4.25

Pineapple, mango, apple juice, natural frozen yogurt or almond / coconut milk

Add Matcha 0.50

Green Smoothie | 4.25

Spinach, blueberry, banana, oats, apple juice, natural frozen yogurt or almond / coconut milk

Add Matcha 0.50

Cold-pressed orange juice | 3.60

Soft drinks | 2.70

Your favourite carbonated drinks

Still & Sparkling Water | 2.70

Still or Carbonated Natural Mineral Water

Sparkling sicilian traditional & pink lemonade | 2.95